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Orks Vs Eldar

hey all,
another great game of 40k last night orks vs eldar plenty of orks to go round. great game massed combats.
orks are brillant now, shokk attack guns are back and so are weird boyz. didnt use any last night just kept it basic (so he sez)
the orks got the 1st turn and marched towards the eldar plenty of shoots from the orks but only killing 4models all turn.
eldar returned the fire and were doin murder dire avengers bladestorming (ouch) and so were the dark reapers. but that didnt slow the orks down in the second turn the orks marched on again causing few wounds but reducing them nasty harlequins down to 3 before they ran amuck like last week.bomb squigs my friends are amazing and so funny, on a roll off 2+ they run 18" towards the nearest enemy vehicle on a roll of 1 they run 18" towards the nearest friendly vehicle but luckily for me all 3 ran towards the falcon and manged to imbolise it and force it to land.  the ork warbikerz raced in to combat and bounced off the harlequins who had an impressive round and managed to flee the bikerz. the harlequins consolidated towards the 30 strong choppa boyz. the eldar returned fire and reduced 1 killa kan to a smoking wreak and  another to lose its power claw, in combat the dire avengers were killed off by the shoota boyz after charging in, and the harlequins finally were finished off by the choppa boyz. RELEASE THE WAAAGH!!! the orks gave a huge cry and started to race forward shouting at the nearest enemy units. in went the shoota boyz to the warp spiders, the tankbustaz to the falcon, the choppa boyz to the rangers the warboss and nobz to the avatar the dreads charged into the wraithlord in normal assult, and the other choppa boyz flying into the wraith guard. nearlly every unit on the board was in combat. the warp spiders were wiped out, so were the rangers, the choppa boyz managed to kill a wraithguard but lost the combat, the wraithlord fluffed his attacks and the dreads failled to force any wounds back, and the avatar cause a wound on the warboss but was killed by the warboss in return after the he failed to save any invurable saves. the eldar numbers were few but still they fought on. the reapers shot at the choppa boyz but failed to cause any sort of impact on the boyz, the wraithguard finished of the other choppa boyz, and the wraith guard killed a dread but the dreads failed to cause a wound back. the warboss and nobz charged into the wraithlord and the rest of the army killed all the dark reapers the lonely killa kan wih no power claw charged into the wraith guard but was destroyed without any sort of reaction. the wraithguard was pulled down by the warboss and the squad consolidated towards the victorious wraithguard,. the raith guard pulled back and shot at the warboss who was the only model in range.
the warboss failed his invurables and fell to the ground. this made the orks very angry as nearlly all the other ork units charged forward shooting down the wraith guard and leaving the warlock alone. the ork units and dread and killa kan charged in and the warlock was surrounded and beaten to death chopped into a millon tiny pieces.
man of the match – arboss for killing an avatar and wraithlord by himself
end game – Ork Victory – told ya wed crushz em! WAAAAGHH!!!
5 mega armoured nobz
10 tankbustaz
30 choppa boyz
30 shoota boyz
15 ard boyz
16 choppa boyz
2 deth Koptaz
3 warbuggiez
9 warbikerz
2 deff dredz
3 killa kanz
8 wraith guard
10 harlequins
8 warp spiders
8 dire avengers
10 rangers
5 dark reapers
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Iron Warriors Vs Eldar

hey all
had another great game of 40k last friday. My iron warriors vs marks eldar. it was a really blood bath and plenty of action to tell you about.
mark took the 1st turn and release the hail of fire power from his war walkers killing only a ew marines. the ffalcon raced around abit but didnt manage to take out the dread, plenty of infantry marching forward and a few sniper fire. the avatar came crunching forward. my 1st turn saw my termies and obliterators causing heavy damange on the war walkers, all 3 had been reduced to imbolised, crewstuned and a few destroyed weapons but no big explosions to my disapointment. my daemon prince move towards the avatar as i was determined to take him on in combat. my possessed marine ran racing forward as i only took them as cannon fodder. the next couple of turns saw plenty of fire been exchanged and marks striking scorpians battling it out with a squad of chaos marines. finally the two monstrous creatures meet  in a duel that seemed to be on the cards as soon as the two models had been placed on the table. the avatar won the 1st round causing a single wound on the daemon prine which in reply couldnt wound the avatar, but he stood firm for another round. the harlequins moved into combat and beated down a squad of 10 chaos marines and then ran into a havoc squad. all the war walkers had been destroyed and the falcon forced to land. the daemon prince then won the second round of combat causing two wounds and the avatar causing no wounds to the daemon prince. the harlequins wre rushed by another squad of chaos marines an the combat heating up as both sides took heavy loses with the harlequins coming out on top. the possed marine had done really well they had beaten the dire avengers and killed the rangers and now headed towards the lonely farseer. the daemon prince finally finished off the avatar as the avatar fails to cause any more wounds on the damon prince. the harlequins finish off the marines that charge in the turn before leaving the havocs to their fate. next turn the damon prince smashes some swooping hawks as the harlequins are rushed by haos terminators deperatly trying to kill of the harlequins. the harlequins manage to kill some terminators and are reduded themselves to 2. th farseer kilss the remaining possessed marines but not after been reduced to 1 wound. the harlequins finish off the terminators as the terminators managed to kill the farseer. the dread kills the remaining 2 harlequins. the game comes to end as the remaining swooping hawks jump out of combat.
man of the match has to go to the harlequins as the managed to kill 2 chaos marine squads, terminator squad and a havoc squad (ertainly made their points back)
end game- victory iron warriors – fof the glory of the gods we sacrifice
Iron Warriors
Daemon Prince
5 terminators
5 possessed marines
1 dreadnaught
10 chaos marines
10 chaos marines
10 chaos marines
10 chaos marines
5 havocs
5 havocs
3 obliterators
10 harlequins
10 rangers
10 strking scorpians
10 swooping hawks
10 dire avengers
1 falcon
3 war walkers
5 dark reapers
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Dark Future

hey all
on friday i purchase dark future of ebay didnt cost much but i cona wait to read the rules and have a bash at his mad max style game.
broom broom seeercch dakka dakka bang crash – eng game doh!
Big Phill
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Blood Angels Vs Eldar

hey all, had a great game of 40k lastnight against marks eldar.
the eldar battled hard but in the end couldn’t stand up to the might on the emperors finest warriors.
the game hung in the balance for along time with each side inflicting heavy casulties.
reapers are very nasty as my tactical squad and assult squads found out, they wiped out a whole squad of 10 within 2turns, and reduced a 8man assult squad two 3.
shinning spears are very useful a strength 6 power weapon in assult (ouch) goodbye dreadnought i said.
assult marines dealt the damage as they charged in reducing dire avengers(that held out for 2 turns) and rangers a deadly blow.
death company cutting down a whole squad of swooping hawks, a dreadnought snapping in half a lonely farseer and command squad cuttng up 17 gurdians.
but the highlight of the game was when the terminator squad charged in to 15 guardians causing alot of death, guardians standing, 4shining spears charging in killing 4 terminators leaving serg to fight alone, serg kills 1 guardian, serg stands, shining spears strike with there str6 and str8 attacks, serg passes 2 invunrable saves, serg kills 1 shining spear, next round remaining spears strike again dealing 2wounds to serg, serg again saves invunrable saves, serg kills 2 shining spears, everyone stands next round exarch wounds serg once, serg again saves invunrable, serg then cuts down the exarch and wins combat to chases off last 2remaining gurdians.
serg won man of the match
end game – Blood Angel victory! For The Emperor, a good xeno is a dead xeno!
Blood Angels:
5 Honour Guard, 1 priest, standard, company champion
5 terminators / 1 ass can
1 dread / missile lau / ass can
1 dread / multimelta
10 tactical marines / flamer / missile laucher
10 assult marines
10 assult marines
1 baal class pred
5 devastator marines /  2 heavy bolters / 1 las can / 1 plasma can
6 death company marines / jumpacks
jain zar – 6 banshees
6 wraith guard
8 dire avengers / exarch
10 rangers
19 guardians / star cannon / warlock
17 guardians / star cannon / warlock
4 shinning spears / exach
7 swooping hawks / exarch
5 dark reapers
1 fire prism
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Empire Siege End Game

hey all, well the big empire siege had to come to end some day and to look at what was left would leave you undecided on who the winner really was. was it the defenders or the attackers. from my view it was the defenders because there were no attackers inside the city. many of the attackers were left dead and buried under the mass of other dead bodies. to look at it from an attackers point of view, yes there were plenty of dead defenders lying on the ram parts, but still that stuborn few that refused to give way. there were plenty of highlights through the game, here are just a few:
4 great cannons unable to bring down the walls for at least 6 turns.
golfag ogres smashing there way through the city gates and demolishing any unit in the way
1 hell blaster volley gun exploding and releasing its barrels on to some unfortunate unit.
mortars leaving holes in advancing regments
braganzas boys not benn able to kill a thing, but branganza himself sniping the enemy.
mass rounting at least 3times on the attacking side.
a defening wizard zaaped to death, and an attacking wizard been hockered.
bouncing defending knights.
a units of knights holding on for 3 turns in combat whilst been flanked by 3 units.
leopolds mecenary unit wiped out in 1 round of shooting.
hell blaster volley gun getting 28shots and blowing away golfags ogres.
1 dead steam tank
10knights and general sallying forth from the city in 1 last dath or glory charge killing 25pikemen, 5handgunners, 15 swordmen, 13brganzas siegers and 20 halflings and 1 final charge.
All that was left was:
7 Hand Gunners
8 Knights
20 Helberds
8 Swordsmen
2 Warrior Priest (1 mounted)
5 Archers
6 White Wolves (fleeing)
1 General (mounted)
13 Dogs Of War Pikemen
12 Pratzos Lost legion
14 Alc Fellowship
1 Swordsmen Champion
lv4 Wizard Lord
1 Army Battle Standard
4 Great Cannons
1 Mortar
2 Crossbowmen
bronzinos Gallopers (cannon 1 – 1 crew remaining, cannon 2 Bronzino remaining)
1 Mortar
6 Hand Gunners
9 Inner Circle Knights
19 Spearmen
1 Army Battle Standard
lv4 Wizard Lord
12 Crossbowmen
4 Bowmen
5 Hand Gunners
2 Hellblaster Crew
1 Warrior Priest (on foot)
1 General (mounted)
10 Knights
the big game in whole was very enjoyable to play and i enjoyed defending.
next week ill be playing a 2000pts 40k battle against marks eldar, cant wait.
tra for now
Big Phill
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The Beast Has Arrived

hey all,
the rest of my forge world stuff arrived yesterday, and o boy the beast has arrived. by that i mean my machrius mega vulkan bolter tank, and what a beast it is.
it dwarfs all the normal imperial guard tanks and is dwarfed by my baneblade but can still give my opponents a nasty bite with all its fire power. up to 27shots per turn(ouch!). it has 1 mega vulkan bolter heavy 15 str 6 ap3, 2 heavy bolter side sponsons, hull mounted twin linked heavy stubber and a pintle mounted heavy stubber (wow lots of fire power). so its a anti infantry tank (run for cover)  that can fire at different targets, thats why it has the nick name of ‘the beast.’
also that came were my two other autocannon chimera turrets, just need to buy the 4 chimeras!!!
well take alook at the beast cant wait to get it into a game to blast away my opponents (he he he)
thanks for looking
Big Phill
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Space Hulk Survival

hey all,
yesterday went really well, plenty of players, lots of dead genestealers and not forgeting the emperors finest warriors.
each player has one terminator and had to survive for as long as they could. each player had to roll on the table to see what sort of termnator they would get, ranging fom a bog standard terminator to a terminator with an assult cannon.
there were 2 games and plenty of action each.
Each player recieved points for:
1 = dead genestealer
2 = shutting down computer systems
5 = recovering a C.A.T

Here are the results for the 1st game.

Dave          Serg                 3
Joe             Term                0
Big Chris    Ass Can           22
Jake           Term                12
Adam         Ass Can           6
John           Term                2
Ryan           Term + CF      2
Adam 2      Flamer             1
Matt           Vet Serg          10
Justin          Term                7
Stan            Term                5
James         Term                2
Farger        Term                3

Here are the results from the 2nd Game

Big Chris    Term             2
Farger        Term             2
Joe            Ass Can         23
Jake          Flamer            6
Matt          Serg               5
Ryan          Term + CF    6
Adam 2      Term             4
Stan            Term             2
James          Term             0
Justin           Term             2

plenty of death to go around some players not even killing 1 stealer. this game proved those that had got assult cannon really came out on top.
next for the agender, free for all termie on termie lets see who will be the champion at the end.
just like to thank those that took part, was agood day plenty of mayhem and shouting (if you shout die when rolling the dice things really do die)
tra for now
Big Phill

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Gothic Fleet

hey all.
I have new photos of my Gothic Fleet, Blood Angels of course. Found them yesterday collecting dust so i thought i would build and paint them.
only took 2hours paint because there is only 1 battlebarge and 5 cruisiers. hopefully will get the thunderhawks from forge world on gamesday.
Take Alook for yourself
Big Phill
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Old School

Hey all
recently ive been playing an old school game, Space Hulk. The Emperors Finest warriors versus the vile Genesteaers.
its a great game and ive played with a few newbs and they love it. for the older gamers its been atrip down memory lane.
70% of the time the genestealers win but the termies show us what they are made of.
Thie saturday down minimen im putting on agame where each player gets 1 termie and they must kill as many genestealers as they can before getting ripped a part, everyone is welcome!
Last friday i got my krieg cavalary through the post and the models are beautiful (sorry, but they really are) and im glad im the proud owner of 10 of them.
Dont worry i know your shouting ‘but thats £100 you fool’, but they are a christmas present and worth every penny!
Cant wait get them painted they are my rough riders for my praetorian guardman army.
but they may be a while as im converting, painting and gaming alot at mo so will try get what i can put on.
Will catch you all later (busy man)
Big Phill
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